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Canulex Blood Bag 250ml CPDA-1

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50 units per shipping container (contains 2 multipack boxes per shipping container)

The CANULEX™ system enables an extended collection window, a significant enhancement to current collection procedures.

Extended Collection Window

Cord blood is currently collected before the placenta is delivered (in-utero) or after the placenta is delivered (ex-utero). Collection with CANULEX™ maximizes this opportunity by continuously collecting cord blood until the delivery of the placenta, thus removing the risk of premature termination of collection.
Clinical studies by Hosing et al. (2015) from the MD Anderson Cancer Center (US) and Vanegas et al. (2017) from the Instituto Distrital de Ciencia (Colombia) which combine ‘in-utero’ and ‘ex-utero’ collections of cord blood have demonstrated higher volumes and stem cell counts compared to ‘in-utero’ or ‘ex-utero’ collection alone. This suggests that in-utero collection is inefficient; significant amount of cord blood still remains in the placenta which would otherwise have been collected if a better device and procedure was used.
Collection with an extended collection window may lead to higher volumes of cord blood being collected.

Less Interruptive

Instead of 2 – 3 minutes of hands-on time during in-utero cord blood collection, collection with CANULEX™ only requires less than 30 seconds of hands-on time by a trained user.
Obstetricians are free to facilitate placental delivery (cord traction, uterotonic administration) with minimal delay and reduce the risk of postpartum hemorrhage.


CANULEX™’s needle is only exposed during cord puncturing. After which, the needle can be retracted and safely locked away in the housing compartment. With the needle no longer exposed, the operator’s safety is ensured and he/she is able to milk the full length of the cord freely.


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